What to Pack for the Azores

April 28, 2017

 With just a little over a month to go, my first adventure trip catches me somewhere between overpacking (as usual) for fear of not having everything I need and under packing for fear of looking like too much of a fashion blogger (like there even is such a thing haha). Either way, here are the things I will definitely be taking with me, whether it's two suitcases or one backpack (I wish).



The islands have a maritime subtropical climate, and while the weather can get quote unpredictable at times (sunny, hot windy and rainy in the same day!), June is usually warm and relatively dry (for the best months to visit you can take a peek here). So I'm keeping that in mind when choosing my clothes. I'm picked light waterproof fabrics for my bottoms and jacket, in case of unexpected rain, a pair of comfy sneakers for walks around the island and a pair of flip-flops for aquatic adventures (or for when I'm too lazy to wear shoes). I'll also be taking a bunch of cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts to layer, and a hat so my hair won't fly all over the place when/if it's windy.



When packing swimsuits keep in mind that you'll probably want to take a dip into thermal water pools which might stain lighter coloured fabrics. Also consider all the water activities that you might want to take up such as kayaking, diving or swimming with dolphins which would require more of an active type of swimsuit (I mean you don't want anything to slip out when rowing or diving, am I right?). There are multiple dive shops on the island that rent wetsuits and snorkeling gear, but if you're a bit squeamish (like me), you might want to consider bringing your own. 





There are all kind of hiking tours you can take on the islands, some of which last a full day, so make sure you bring a backpack for some snacks, water or other things you might want to take with you. Last but not least, get yourself a cool action camera so you can capture all the awesome things you'll be doing and brag about them when you get home.


Have you ever been to the Azores or somewhere similar? If so what was the most useful thing you've packed?


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