The Diary of A Fashionista on the Run - Featuring Lipault Paris

July 1, 2017


The life of this fashion and travel blogger pretty much revolves around packing and unpacking my bags, running around in airports and train stations and trying to keep it together (crowds freak me out) while catching my ride to the next life-changing corner of the world. Looking fabulous and sprinting to board my connecting flight was never a reality for me (I'm still working on reaching that unicorn status), but then along came Lipault Paris to inject some much-needed style into my endeavors. Let's just say that I've now graduated from pink haired backpack hippie to pink haired it-girl waltzing through the airport carrying the bag of her dreams.




Lipault (now a Samsonite line) was crafted in Paris ten years ago, with the intention of introducing a vibrant line of luggage and bags to the world of travel. With the stylish traveler in mind, the Lipault brand managed to seamlessly blend vivid colors and tactile fabrics like silky twilled nylon and shiny precious vinyl, with a playful, yet functional light design.



And it was one of their brilliant geometrical takes on the classic tote that caught my eye (I mean, let's get real, when was the last time I could resist something shiny?). It easily fits my laptop and a change of clothes which seals the deal for future travel needs, but it also camouflages perfectly as the ultimate prop for the urban style freak (ahem, me, I'm talking about me).




I am known to haul around tons of stuff I don't need that French book I never seem to finish (seriously how do those girls carrying around a teeny weeny purses manage life) and it doesn't help that hubs makes me carry his stuff as well (cuz god forbid him wearing a man purse...le sigh). Enter the Lipault Plume Vinyl Satchel to the rescue. Perfect for my three lipsticks, sunscreen, wet wipes, book, phone, camera (in case of good OOTD moments), cardigan (in case I'm cold...which I never am whenever I bring it), makeup remover (in case I see a cute animal and it makes me cry my mascara off), wallet and my husbands sunnies... and those other sunnies he brings... just in case. Seriously, we could take a trip at a drop of a hat and not worry with all these supplies haha. Also, I'll be last minute stylish...because Lipault!




Here I styled it with lots of color because I feel like it's the perfect piece for color blocking, but I'd also love to wear it with... gasp... an all white ensemble. That would look so cool, don't you think? Ah, just think about all those instas. Well, there's also next time.



If you feel inspired and you're looking to do some Lipault retail therapy, you can either head for one of their stores (soon to open in Vancouver) or you can shop online. Don't forget to tell me which bag would be your favorite to take on an adventure! Psst! I see rose gold in your future.



Have a brilliant day!








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