Summer Kick-Off Influencer Party

June 6, 2018



I never really had an opportunity to get together with bloggers in my own town before. That may have been because I usually live in never never land during my spare time (to be read "watches beauty tutorials in pajamas") or because networking never was my strong suit (bow to the queen of akward!).




But even though old habits die hard, I'm a strong believer that sometimes they need to be blasted into outer space. So I decided to pair up with Open Door Media and Innovate Kingston and get some talented people together for a night of fun, pink pom-poms, delicious treats and giggle juice (uhm, you'll need to google this one). Enter the Summer Kick-Off Influencer Party!



Our sponsors Neutrogena, Midori and Card's Bakery provided our guests with the cutest gift bags EVER: much needed sunscreen for the hot days ahead, colourful pens for all the writers and the doodlers and delicious hashtag cookies. Let's just say that Instagram was on fire that night!  



I can say hands down it was the most fun I ever had at a networking event in Kingston. It was like hanging out with old friends that happen to be just as obsessed as me about creating awesome content. For those shy unicorns that couldn't make it...WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? I'm just kidding! :D I really hope we get to connect soon at our next fab influencer extravaganza. 


Have a brilliant day!



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