Black and White and Pink

March 1, 2017


As a self declared queen of neutrals, I have to confess that if there were a colour to cheat on my love of monochrome with, it would definitely be pink. I can probably trace this "affair" back to when No Doubt launched The Return of Saturn and it stayed with me ever since. I had just turned 15, got ready for school listening to Gwen Stefani singing the heck out of New ("don't let it goooooo awhay, this feeling has got to stay...") and told my best friend that all I want for my birthday was a boyfriend. I should have asked for pink hair, because after she delivered (like she always did), I came to realize that men come and go but the memory of being a pink haired punk rocker stays with you forever.



Fifteen years later, fuelled by my "you only live once" 30s life crisis, I poured some bleach in my hair and manic panicked my way to what you already saw on my Instagram feed. Am I a little to old for it? Maybe. Do I care? Nope, not really. I don't give a rats a$$ actually. It's a small kind of accomplishment I suppose, but it has inspired me to approach other things that I've always wanted to do and never had the courage to, like pitching to brands that I've admired and wanted to work with, travel to Denmark and dive with dolphins in the Azores. It's the little things...



Have you conquered any fears in 2017? Tell me all about it.


Shop the look:



Have a brilliant day!




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