Day Trip to Siena Italy

May 8, 2019


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Siena is like Florence's less pretentious, understated, quirky little sister. You'll find that it still leaves you room to breathe, to enjoy, to feel culturally enriched and satisfied (even though it took you one hour to park). And during the times you're faced with stampede-like situations there's always some cray cray incident to make your trip memorable - I'm referring to you, person who was puking on an ancient monument, you know who you are! Anyway, here are some must-know facts (learned the hard way) about visiting Siena. 



Getting there. Public transportation is highly recommended for in between city travel in Tuscany but if you are traveling by car (like we did), beware of the ZTL! Cities in Tuscany have rigorously regulated traffic in the central areas (ZTLs). You'll spot the entrance to these areas through various signs and red lights, so make sure you don't pass them. There are plenty of parking lots outside the ZTL, some with longer wait than others and some more expensive than others. We used Parking Santa Caterina which was very close to the escalators to the downtown core and had a 2 Euros per hour fee.  I would advise you to try and get in a bit earlier in the morning because we had to wait about an hour in line to get in to park. I can't imagine what the wait would be in full season.




What to do. We got passes to the Duomo and a few other attractions, but after entering the cathedral where I probably lasted about 15 minutes (I really don't like crowds) we decided to skip everything else and just wander the streets. Gelato in hand, we got lost, found an amazing view of the city, charming little streets full of history, cute little artisanal stores (hello, new pair of sandals!). Do dare to take the path less travelled in Siena. You'll enjoy it much more than being pushed around by crowds and  you'll find yourself starring in your own little Italian adventure. 



Where to eat. I usually plan on visiting certain restaurants during our trips but in this case the one tavern where I wanted to eat was unable to sit us  due to some of the most frazzled and confused waiters I've ever seen and my lack of patience (hangry Dora is not a fun Dora) and so, it shall remain nameless. In the end, it might have been for the best because we got the best slices of pizza I've had in my entire life which we devoured on the steps of a small church while catching some nice spring sunshine and people watching. 



Make sure you also check out our Siena vlog! Have you visited this beautiful city in Tuscany before? What was your experience like? 



Have a brilliant day!





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