Plan Your Azores Getaway From Canada - Top 5 (FREE!) Things to do in Sao Miguel (Azores)

October 13, 2018

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The secret about the Azores is starting to get out, and although I kinda want to keep everything to myself (we all know what happened to Tulum *eye roll*), it's so hard on my ego not to boast about all the stupendous sights and adventures that I was lucky enough to experience these past weeks. So like don't's horrible....unless you're cool, in which case, WTF are you waiting for???? 


Sao Miguel takes your breath away at every turn with it's beautiful flowers, natural landscapes, delicious food, countless adventures (swimming with dolphins anyone?) and welcoming locals. But surprisingly, this time around on the island, all my favourite things to do were absolutely free... "the mooon belooongs to everyoooooone the best things in life.... well, you catch my drift. Here's a top five of life changing experiences on Sao Miguel that won't cost you a penny...or a eurocent in this case. 



Natural Pools. The island is full of them. Some are not even signaled because I have a sneaky suspicion the locals would rather keep them to themselves, so I'm not going to dish about those ones. You'll just have to be brave, make some local friends and discover them on your own. But the ones I can recommend are not to be missed: make time for Piscinas Naturais Caneiros, Ferraria and do Frade while you're there and don't forget to bring some snorkeling equipment. Oh, and I suggest you visit at low tide (morning till about 2 pm), otherwise things can get a bit too wavy. 



Viewpoints. While you drive around the island you'll notice signs that say "Miraduoro". Follow them! They are beautiful viewpoints of the island where you can take in nature and snap some insta-worthy pictures. Some of them even have picnic areas where you can have a break from adventuring, snack on some home-packed sandwiches and just be. 



Pineapple Farm. I should have suspected that much since every restaurant I've been to serves pineapple cake, but Sao Miguel has its own pineapple farm. You can visit the farm for free, pick up some organic pineapple and have a nice coffee on the shaded patio scented by pretty pink flowers.



Praia Moinhos. A little bit off the beaten path you'll find the uncrowded Praia Moinhos, a beautiful black sand beach, perfect for sunset walks, surfing and sun worshiping. When we were there, the water was quite stormy and the lifeguard had the red flag up, but I do hear that it gets calmer and it's nice for swimming too.  There's also a nice patio where you can have a snack while watching the waves crash.



Porto Formoso Tea. In the older times Azoreans used to only grow tea plants for ornamental purposes, but recently they had Chinese tea experts come to the island and teach them how to cultivate it and harvest it. There's two tea farms on the island, but my favourite one is Porto Formoso Tea. Even in high season it's not crowded and you can enjoy a nice walk though the beautiful gardens, a free tour of the facilities and a cup favoured tea on the house. 


Have you been to the Azores? What are your favourite places? If you're planning an escape to the Azores from Canada, don't hesitate to leave me your questions in the comment section!


Have a brilliant day!





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