Lumina Borealis

December 28, 2017


Winter in Kingston usually means six months of darkness, -25C and lots of hibernating over Netflix and big glasses of wine. Fabulous Kingstonians usually migrate towards the slopes in Quebec where they complain about the French and the food. Me, I can't ski and don't really know how to be fabulous so I mostly complain about the snow and unaffordable travel right here in the middle of the not so glam suburbia I call home. But if there is one thing that will brighten up even the most skeptical of "Grinches" (, I mean me), that's a magical light show in the heart of Canada's historical Fort Henry.



I enrolled Tudor and his dad to follow me up the hill on a cold snowy night. Mircea (Tudor's dad), hadn't seen snow in 10 years and I have to confess that his pure joy at the sight of the white fluffy stuff was starting to rub off on me. I was starting to feel excited over our little adventure. 



We arrived at the Lumina Borealis show after a chatty ride on the free shuttle from downtown just as the snow storm was starting to mellow down. The staff was extra nice (they must be eating unicorn sparkles on a regular basis) and sneaked us in early so we won't have to wait in the cold. Armed with hot chocolate and enthusiasm we adventured into the magical wonderland on alleyways of shiny glaciers and  enchanted trees, under the watchful eyes mystical creatures and northern lights.  



I've travelled a lot and I've experienced art in many forms and I can say, hands down, that Lumina Borealis is an experience that can rival some of the best art installations and light shows out there. You'll love the attention to detail, the thoughtful staff, the interactive displays and the freshly baked garlic pretzels. You'll live for the overwhelming feeling of joy you're left with at the end of your adventure.



But that's enough chatting! Get the real deal on our experience in the vlog I filmed and then hurry up and book your tickets here! And don't forget to leave me your thoughts in the comment section below.




Have a brilliant day!


P.S. This blog post was sponsored by Lumina Borealis. All opinions are my own.

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