Wolfe Island Music Festival

August 17, 2017


Day one. Back when I was in university I used to say that my life happened somewhere between me always running for busses. This last weekend excitement waltzed back into my life and I found myself running again, this time for the ferry, and towards epic days of music and good vibes. 



It all started with me pulling my flower crown out and my dancing shoes on. We adventured towards Wolfe Island on a cloudy Friday afternoon on a ferry full of fellow excited festival goers. Our first stop was the hot dog stand. Actually, wait. Our first stop was cats. There were cats everywhere who made us jealous that they lived on cute Wolfe Island while we're hustling in the city. Then there was the hot dog stand and the Wolfe Island Spring Craft Brewery stand because who wouldn't want some awesome beer to go with their hotdog.



We munched on our goodies on the grass listening to the addictive beats of The Kents. The sky was grey but the stage was anything but. Our night ended with the energetic set of 47 Teeth after which the sky opened down on us reminding me of that video I watched once about Woodstock. Now when I think back on it, it was almost like the show ended with fireworks.



Day two. Running for the ferry. Again. Vaguely remembering what it was like to be 21 and deluding myself that deep inside I still am. There were so many people waiting to get on that for a second we thought we might have to wait for another ferry. The mood was vibrant and everyone was there on a mission to shake what their momma gave them on the last day of the festival.



We joined in the boogie action of the twenty something crowd on the tunes of Kasador and Franklin Electric. I never thought dancing in a field on an island on Lake Ontario could be so much fun, but let's jut say my inner Janis Joplin came out to play. Minus the pot - like PG13 Janis Joplin. It was about then our bodies remembered we are actually in our thirties and our bed and Netflix were more tempting than pulling another super late night. But, we did stop for ice cream at Cafe Tenengo before we left and if you're ever in the vicinity you must too. You'll thank me later.




That about concludes our fun in the sun at Wolfe Island Festival. But don't just take my word for how awesome it was. Check out the video we filmed and don't forget to leave me your thoughts in the comment section.


Have a brilliant day!


P.S. We were invited to attend Wolfe Island Music Festival but all opinions stated are my own.

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