2016 Beauty Essentials I'm Taking with Me into 2017

January 6, 2017


Because I'm trying to stay true to my resolution of keeping less that I don't need, I've ventured into cleaning up my beauty/make-up collection which is starting to take over our living space. Seriously, how does one person pile up so many lipsticks, shampoos (I literally own like 20 kinds of shampoo) and skin care during one year of existence? I blame the pretty packaging...Anything pink is pretty much irresistible to me. 


After cleaning out the clutter and cringing at the amount of  money I spend on things I only use once or twice, I've managed to put together some essentials. These are some of the items that truly make my life better and that put a smile on my face after using them. So I'm happily taking them with me into 2017.



Skincare. I use these three items every day. The Avène Thermal Water is great for spraying on the skin before applying moisturizer, it amazing for cooling down irritated skin and also for spraying on make-up sponges before applying foundation or concealer (or whatever you like to smear all over your gorgeous face). The Vichy Micellar Solution is perfect as a skin cleanser or extra gentle make-up remover. It works great for sensitive skin and I find that it works perfectly with the Vichy Normaderm Anti Age Moisturizer in keeping my breakouts under control. I honestly could not imagine life without the Normaderm moisturizer anymore. I like to use it by itself in the summer because it is nice, light and mattifying and together with something more hydrating in the winter. I'm all about pairing it with the Neutrogena Hydroboost Moisturizer at the moment, which you can read more about in this post.



Hair. The L'Oreal Color Radiance and Total Repair lines prove that you don't have to spend buckets of money on quality. The shampoo and the hair mask retail for around $4 and they are perfect for maintaining coloured hair on a budget. And speaking of frizzy, damaged, dyed hair, I couldn't talk about essentials without bringing up my Jade Tourmaline Straightening Brush. I find it to be far less damaging on my hair than a straightener and much more easy to use. See how I use it to tame down the frizz in this video



Make-up. The Normaderm line comes in strong in this category as well. I avoided using foundation or bb cream before discovering the Vichy Normaderm BB Cream, because they always left me with breakouts. The formula is incredibly light and soothing and works nicely with my other daily favourite, the Nyx Concealer. One other important thing that I want to change about my habits in 2017 is SPF usage, and that's where the Colore Science light as a feather, almost not there, SPF powder will come in  very handy. And last, but not least, I fell in love with this Laura Mercier lipstick in the shade "An Affair". What can I say, the French really know their stuff when it comes to lipsticks!


That's it for today's beauty talk! I'm headed back to more cleaning. Ugh! What are your favourite products from 2016 that you'll bring into 2017?


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Have a brilliant day!



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