New Year, New Feels

December 31, 2016


I'm probably not the only one who is SO READY for 2017! While there were some amazing things that happened in 2016, there are also some things that I can't wait to leave behind. Here's what I wish more and less of in the year to come.



MORE. More good times with loved ones, more seeing the world, more awesome projects for the blog, more creative energy, more optimism, more health, more of being thankful for what I have, more opportunities, more healthy choices, more books and...more shoes (I just had to slip it in there...hehe).



LESS. Less negative energy, less excuses, less things I don't need (except shoes, I need shoes), less calories (it's not you, chocolate, it's me), less time spent on my phone, less self-judgement, less anxiety and less trips to the dentist (honestly, how do those people with no cavities exist?).



What are your wishes for 2017 lovely people?


Shop the look:



Have a brilliant day!


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