From Frizzy to Smooth Hair with Irresistible Me

December 23, 2016


My hair has a life of it's own (you know cousin It from the Adams family?). It doesn't help either that it has been damaged from lots of bleaching and one unfortunate visit to a salon that shall not be named. Sigh! I'm growing it out, but while I do, I can definitely use all the help I can get to look less witch-y and more French-y if you know what mean.


Enter the Tourmaline Straightening Brush from Irressistible Me! This baby is a total life saver and I'll tell you why. It is not as aggressive on the hair as a hair straightener would be (I don't even dare to touch my hair with a hair straightener in the state it is), and while it does have a straightening effect on the hair, it's main function is to smooth out any frizziness in order to give you a blowout-like look.



If you're looking for stick straight hair, this is not the tool for you, but if you, like me, are trying to manage and tame a wild unruly mane with minimal damage, than look no further. I love that you can adjust the temperature on the display and that the design of the brush makes it highly unlikely to get any accidental burns. I think the only minus I could think about is the placement of the buttons on the side of the handle - I pressed the temperature button by mistake a couple of times. Maybe some food for thought for the Jade Brush 2.0?



Other than that, this is an awesome, well built product that in my opinion is totally worth the $45 price tag. Also it's super comforting that I won't have nightmares about summer humidity transforming me into Jane of the Jungle any more.


Make sure to watch the video to see the brush in action and leave me some thoughts in the comment section!


Have a brilliant day and happy holidays!


P.S. This post was sponsored by Irresistisble Me. All thoughts expressed here are my own.

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