Winter Neutrals

October 26, 2016


Dora in John Snow voice "Winter is coming."

Tudor "No, it's not!"

Dora "But it's 2 degrees outsiiiide!"

Tudor: "Nope, not winter yet."



We're pretty much trying to hold on to warm season with everything we've got because...Canadian winter. It starts in November and ends sometime in April...if it wants to. While I do get thrilled about cute layers and coats, the novelty wears off about the time the temperature drops to -30. So I learned to make the best out of 2 degrees, especially since it's a great time to show off my white wool coat.



I'm excited about the clean, effortless comfort vibe of winter neutrals and winter whites. Also sneakers. I know everyone is excited about boots, but late fall (end even winter sometimes) is all about sneakers for me. What are you looking forward to wearing this cold season?




Shop the look:



Have a brilliant day!


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