What to Do, Eat and Wear in Cluj

October 20, 2016


We set off for the city in the heart of Transylvania not really knowing what to expect. Our friends had reported on all the change and growth, but we remained skeptic. Well, it's Romania, we thought, how could Cluj really compare with any other major European cities...Boy, were we wrong! 


With every major IT company in the area wanting a piece of the local talent, Cluj has gained the the title of Europe's own Silicone Valley, which means MONEY is pouring in. Which means higher salaries and higher standard of living. Which means innovation, better quality services and some of the best night life you've experienced in A WHILE.  Most of all, Cluj is safe - rollin with your closest girls at 2 am and partying till dawn and no one giving a damn about your tight ass ripped jeans and sparkly cropped top safe. 



What to do. If you're not lucky enough to catch Electic Castle or Untold Festival, you're still good. The local night scene is vibrant enough to keep you going until your juices run out. Start with some Corcova wine in the lively Joben steampunk bar that everyone is talking about, hop onto the romantic Che Guevara, charge up on the electric college scene around Casa Matei and end your night with a bang at The Shelter. Did I mention a beer is around two dollars?!!



What to eat. Loosen your belt and experience the soul soothing Romanian traditional food at Zama on Napoca Street. The modern vibe of the minimalist decor beautifully clashes with the addicting classic dishes (serisously, we've eaten there three times). The bean soup is not to be missed!



What to wear. It's time to really up your street style game because the locals have it nailed down. Skip the malls and explore the (very cool) outlets in the downtown core area. We loved the edgy contemporary feel of the store just around the corner from Universitatii Bookstore in Unirii Square...which we forgot the name of...We blame that on the local tuica and wine.



Have you ever visited Cluj? What was your favourite part about the city?


Have a brilliant day!


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