How To: From Ombre to Lavender Hair

September 12, 2016


I've waited 30 years to start dying my hair and now I...can't I won't stop. I've been keeping a light ombre for the last year and colouring my tips when I'm feeling perky. I usually go for pink and I just use purple to tone my hair, but I wanted to try a cooler shade for fall and I'm absolutely loving it. Here's how I got from ombre to lavender hair.



1. Purple pigment is usually pretty strong and it will show even on naturally brown hair. That being said, if you do want a brighter lavender shade, you might want to consider lightening up your hair a little bit (unless you're blond, in which case, congratulations, you win). I tried a few bleaches and the one that seemed to work the best (and cause least damage) in my case is the L'Oreal Absolute Platinum. For darker hair like mine, you have to apply this a few times (I think I lightened my hair three times to get to the ombre effect I wanted), so you might want to consider going to a stylist if you want to have this done in one go. 



2. I'm a big fan of the Manic Panic cruelty free hair dye. It's gentle on the hair and rinses out after about 4 washes, so no big commitment is necessary. I used their Ultra-Violet shade because it sounds super cool and glows under black light, which makes me feel like a super-hero. I applied it to my lightened tips and blended it on the length of the hair in order to get a brown to lavender effect, but next time I'm totally using this on all my hair.



3. Time to find something to do for an hour while the magic happens. I usually sport a super elegant plastic bag on my hair...from this super exclusive brand called Food accentuate the dye penetration (look at me talking dirty already) and to keep my clothes colour free.



4. I try my best to rinse my hair with cool water, but I hate cold anything so I probably mess this step up... Every. Time. But you should totes do it because it makes your hair shiny and keeps the dye in your hair. 


Ta-daaaa! Lavender hair accomplished! Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section.


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Have a brilliant day!




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