White Jeans and Adventures on Lake Ontario

September 6, 2016


You take one group of awesome people, a cooler full of beer, a lake and a boat, and you're pretty much set. That's it. You don't really need any more details. But I'm still going to blab on for a bit...because I need to take a moment to be vain and tell you all about the white jeans I was wearing. I bought these babies for $1 last year from UO and this was my first time wearing them out. It all went something like this: 



Dora: "Oh, I'm going to wear these white jeans and a white t-shirt and it's going to look super cute! Ugh, they're too tight! I can't bend my knees. I'll cut them and they'll look just like the ones those cool bloggers wear!"

Tudor: "I'll look up a tutorial on youtube."

Dora: *pulls swiss army knife from drawer and starts choppin.*

Tudor: "Oh, here's one!"

Dora: "Too late! OMG they look like shit now. I ruined them! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *runs around screaming with hands in the air*

Tudor: "Well, we have to go now."


So we left. Me looking like a hobo dressed in white, him looking sharp as always. But it doesn't matter, because our day was spectacular anyway and the raggedy jeans are kinda growing on me now. Ha!




Shop the look:





Have a brilliant day!


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