My 4 Must Have Blogging Apps

August 9, 2016



As a blogger, I live and breathe the online environment. It's my comfort zone, my happy place and my biggest source of inspiration. But I couldn't have brought all my best blogging ideas to life without the help of these absolute must-have apps.


1. VSCO Cam. THE APP that will put any Instagram filter to shame. Wondering how those bloggers are creating their impeccable feeds? It's VSCO coming to the rescue of any underexposed, badly lit shot that they ever took and making it look editorial ready. Granted some of the collections come at a cost, but trust me, those are going to be some very well spent $10. 



2. Hootsuite. This little helpful app frees up tons of your time to be your magical creative self. As much as I was avoiding using scheduling apps thinking that I'll end up looking like a bot on social, taking a couple of hours at the beginning of the week to schedule al my posts ROCKED MY WORLD as a blogger. Seriously, running social can actually be stress free. Well...some of the time.



3. PicLab. You don't have to be a master designer to create beautiful typography. At least, not anymore you don't! Meet PicLab, the app that makes designing your next TGIF Instagram post a breezy walk in the park. It's okay, we can still tell everyone you slaved over Illustrator for 8 hours to create it, you genius you.




4. Dropbox. I actually used to plug in my phone to my laptop to transfer photos. Oh the shame! But you know, everyone has an off day...week...month...okay year...s (what's that that they say "it's never too late"?) but you overcome it and you realize that (duuuuh!) you could install dropbox on both your phone and laptop and seamlessly move files between them.  


I wanna hear all bout your best blogging app discoveries. Don't leave out any interesting bits!


Have a brilliant day!



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